What to expect

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Our process, step by step

Below is what you can expect the process to be when you meet with one of our advisers. Because we want to give you advice that fits your specific circumstances, it does mean that we need to gather quite a bit of information so we can get it right.

You are in control at each and every step and can decide how much information to give and to stop or change direction at any point. But please note, the more accurate the information, the more appropriate to your circumstances the advice will be.

- a complimentary initial meeting where we will spend time getting to know one another a bit better

- the process of getting together all the information we need from you (it’s sometimes called fact finding)

- we help you identify your idea of Financial Freedom and current financial position (normally done at the same time as the 'fact find')

- a presentation of our written recommendations in a financial plan called a Freedom Plan or Statement of Advice

- we discuss the recommendations with you and make sure you are comfortable and agree with them

- putting the plan into action – we then implement those recommendations

- we work with you to continue tailoring your financial situation to match your goals

What information will you need before the first meeting?

At our first meeting, we like to get straight to the point and understand what you’d like to achieve from our financial advice, and how we can help you make that happen.

We’ll then get into a bit of detail building a picture around you, so we can make sure the advice we provide fits with your circumstances and attitudes towards risk. Here’s a list of a few things we’ll need to know:

A bit of nitty gritty so we can build a picture of your financial position:

  • age
  • current personal income
  • family income
  • future income (inheritances included)
  • day-to-day expenses
  • your family circumstances (number and health of dependants, dependants from previous relationships etc.)
  • future expenses
  • assets and liabilities
  • tax paid and tax owed
  • super and insurance situation
  • current investments
  • state of health.

As well as questions around your goals, so we can build a picture of where you’d like to be:

  • What’s your idea of Financial Freedom?
  • When you want to retire?
  • How you want to educate your children?
  • Whether a second home, like a holiday house, is important to you?
  • Do you have dependents you need to provide for if you are unable to work or if the unforeseen happens?
  • Whether you have an up-to-date will?
  • Whether you are expecting any large expenses?

What will you receive?

During the financial planning process we will give you the following things:

  • Financial Services Guide - outlines who we are, what we can advise on and how we are paid.
  • Freedom Plan or Statement of Advice - outlines your current financial situation and what our recommendations are to help you achieve your goals. It will also detial why it is suitable for you, how we get paid and any other benefits we may receive.
  • Product Disclosure Statement - if we recommend a financial product, the Product Disclosure Statement gives you information about the product features, fees that apply, any adviser commission, benefits and risks of investing and what to do if you have a complaint.